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hotwired consulting logo upgradeDo you have a logo that needs a makeover? Is it time to update your corporate look? If you're ready to modernize or upgrade your corporate image, LogoDesignSource.com's talented logo designers can refine, repair or recreate your logo into reproduction ready quality and file formats.

You may no longer have access to the original source files for your current logo design, or the only copy of your logo that you do have is the pixel based RGB image from your web site. Our designers can recreate your logo design and format it to almost any file format that you may require. This process can in some events be reasonably time consuming, and may require an experienced and skilled logo designer.

Pixel based RGB images (.gif, .jpg, .bmp, etc.) cannot be enlarged or the image pixilates badly (see diagram below) leaving you with a larger image but with fuzzy edges and lack of definition. These file formats are called bitmapped images. A bitmapped image cannot be resized without damaging its quality. For any uses other than the web and screen use, our designers can recreate your logo into vector-based format (.ai, .eps) by using a professional vector based program such as Adobe Illustrator. This native file can be used to convert your logo design files into just about any file formats necessary.

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Vector-based images are small, editable and scalable images that afford unrestricted freedom in manipulating your logo design. Once the logo design has been recreated in a vector-based format, we will be able to resize, change colors and convert your image into any format that you require. This file becomes the source file, which can be used to print letterhead, business cards, media kits and other collateral.

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Skillful logo refining by our experienced logo designers can breathe new life and energy into your outdated or stale corporate identity. Enhance the snap and flair in the design of your corporate logo, modernize the style, or perhaps alter your color palette to take advantage of the psychology of color when updating the public face of your organization.

You shouldn't have to bear the plain of a poorly designed or rendered logo and longer! Turn your company's logo over to creative talented designers with the experience to truly infuse your corporate image with the tone and style that reflects your vision and your business.

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